Which Are The Best Watch Brands To Invest In?

Luxury wacth to invest.

While watchmaking is considered a beautiful branch of jewellery, it must be recognized that over time it has become a very unique source of investment. The brands have been growing little by little over the years until certain wristwatches have an investment strength as great as gold. And believe it or not, it’s not just […]

Which Smartwatches Support Google Wallet?

Smart wallet payment

Many people today prefer to pay for goods and services at websites using the trusted Google Wallet digital wallet. Google Wallet can be used to pay for things from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer with Wi-Fi/internet connectivity. The question being asked here is, which smartwatches support the Google Wallet? What is Google Wallet? […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a TAG Heuer Watch in the UK

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

TAG Heuer is one of the most iconic Swiss luxury watchmakers known for its high-quality and precision timepieces. With over 150 years of watchmaking history, the brand has earned a reputation for producing some of the best sports watches in the world. But before you invest in a TAG Heuer watch, there are a few […]