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Jewellery Repairs

Experienced in Jewellery Repairs

We are approached on a daily basis to conduct Jewellery Repairs. Because we are continuously working on varied pieces our skills are up to date and we never need to send work offsite for others to complete.

Some of the most common jewellery repairs that we are asked to undertake are fairly simple for us and can often be completed the same day.

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Ring Repairs

Rings are often very precious to people but because they are often worn constantly they can be susceptible to damage from the rigours of everyday life.

Because rings are often made of thin pieces of relatively soft metal like silver and gold they can imperceptibly wear down over time. This thinning of the metal can cause the ring to warp and lose it’s circular shape. This warping gets more common the older the ring gets, this is why an antique wedding ring will often need to be re-shaped after it has been worn for a couple of years.

Restoring the shape of a ring is a relatively quick and easy process. Our Jewellery Repair team use a special tool known as a Mandrel, we push the ring along this rod shaped device which returns the ring to its original shape. We’ll then finish off the process by using a small hammer to remove any small bumps, completely fixing the piece of Jewellery.

When rings become old their stones often become lose and my be in danger or falling out and being lost. This is due to claws that hold the stones in place becoming warn. All stones will be removed and the claws replaced. Stones can then be reset, preventing any lost stones in the future.

Chain Repairs

There are many common problems that chain owner face. Luckily these problems can often be remedied relatively easily.

People are always consulting us and asking if it is possible to remove a knot from a chain. Unknotting a chain requires special tools and should not be attempted at home as it is possible to break the chain. We’ll insert pins at strategic points in the know and gradually work it out, leaving your chain as good as new.

Another extremely common occurrence with chains is the stretching of links. A link can sometimes stretch so much that there is room for the chain to detach. We can gradually close the gap in the link and even apply some solder if necessary to stop it happening again.

Clasp Replacement

Clasps that are used to keep chains and some bracelets together often undergo a lot of stresses and strains. Just catching the chain on an item of clothing can pull at the clasp. During the rigours of daily life clasps can wear and eventually be rendered useless.

In order to replace a clasp, we will loosen the jump ring to which the clasp is attached, this allows us to remove the old clasp and replace it with a new one.

There are two main types of clasp to choose from. The spring ring clasp and the lobster clasp. Once the clasp is replaced we’ll often solder the jump ring to decrease the chances of it coming apart by accident.

We are confident that we will be able to fix any  problem that may have arisen with your Jewellery. Call us now!