Watch Battery Replacement

In many cases, all that is required to get your watch back to life is a simple battery replacement. We stock a very large variety of High-Grade batteries for most known brands and models.

All of our ‘watch battery replacements‘ include resealing and pressure testing to ensure that your watch is water resistant.

If you ask us we will be happy to make a general inspection, for free, and will notify you if a part is worn off

watch battery replacement

Prices starting from £16.95 – Service includes:

  • Resealing and pressure testing
  • Water resistance testing
  • Watch battery replacements
  • General “Health Inspection”
  • 1-2 days turnaround for most watches
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery return shipping

Many people often mistake common button or coin cell batteries for watch batteries. These are commonly used in calculators, computers and hearing aids. While they will work in watches it is not recommended to use them.

A replacement watch battery works in much the same way as a common button cell, except it is built to much higher specifications, incorporating a stronger casing to prevent the battery from leaking or rupturing inside your timepiece.

There are three main types of watch battery replacement services, the type that will be most suitable for your watch is dependent on make, model and age.

Mercury – Mercury batteries are very old technology, they were the first batteries used in watches. If your timepiece is over 50 years old it will probably have been built to work with mercury batteries. Unfortunately, this type of watch battery replacement is getting rarer and rarer these days but some very old watches will not work with anything else.

Silver Oxide – These batteries were brought to market in the 1950s and became the most common watch battery for a number of years. They can be used to replace mercury batteries although do not usually last as long. One advantage that silver oxide batteries have over any others is their ability to emit a constant voltage throughout their life. This means as the battery depletes it will not cause the watch to slow down and lose time.

Alkaline – The most commonly available power source, Alkaline batteries are cheap and environmentally friendly. Most watched manufactured in the last 30 years will use this type of battery. Here at Watch Repair Shop will supply the best timepiece grade alkaline batteries that are more resistant to leakage and rupture. Alkaline batteries last the least amount of time.

Water Proof Seals

When replacing a watch’s battery the waterproof seal around the case will have to be removed. This needs to be done with great care in order for the integrity of the seal to be preserved. If the seal should become damaged in any way the watch will lose its waterproof seal leading to potentially catastrophic consequences. We will thoroughly inspect each seal and if we are in any doubts about its condition we will replace it with a new one.

Experience and Trust

We have many years of experience replacing batteries from all types of watches. We use only manufacturer-approved tools and methods in order to ensure your watch will never be in any danger. We stock original replacement parts for all brands and will always match the correct battery to the particular timepiece.

No other Watch Repair Company will show as much care and consideration when replacing a battery. All our work is done in-house so prices are always reasonable.

For Watch Battery Replacement related issues just call us or get an instant price here.