Watch Glass Replacement

Scratches and damage to a watch’s glass or crystal can be unsightly and particularly severe abrasions may obscure the dial. Here at Watch repair Shop we offers watch glass Replacement Services

We have developed a professional watch glass replacement, we can completely replace it at a relatively small cost compared to other Jewellers.

There are only a few watchmakers in London and the UK who are able to repair replace mineral watch glass in house. Other Jewellers will either use plastic or send the work out to independent specialists like ourselves.

Watch Glass Replacement


If the your time piece’s face has been broken, scratched or damaged severely there may be no other option but to completely replace the glass.All watchmakers produce their glass bezels differently, we have a wealth of experience dealing with different brands and are equipped with the tools to remove the affected part without risking any damage to the surrounding area.Watch crystals can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, brands like Rotary and Patek Phillippe that come in flat, round or square varieties can be simple to replace. Domed and curved glass like that used on many Omega and rolex models will take more time and attention to detail.Once the damaged glass has been removed we will be able to assess it’s dimensions and use the glass cutting process we have developed to accurately replicate a flawless replacement.Our diamond glass cutters allow us to make our replacement crystals using mineral like sapphire. Using sapphire glass for watches has many advantages, it is extremely transparent with very little light distortion and extremely resistant to scratching.After the new watch glass is in place we’ll give it a special polish, making it shine brilliantly and look as good as new.


If your watch’s glass is not too badly damaged we may be able to offer you a quick fix repair where we are able to get rid of the scratches without having to completely replace the face.Polishing the watch glass often removes scratches that are not too deep can. We use specialised diamond paste, a combination of chemicals and high quality buffing tools to remove a minute amount of the glass and along with it the scuff.Although this process is not as labour intensive as manufacturing and replacing the glass, it still takes skill and experience to carry our the repair properly. If not done properly the face of the watch can be left uneven, too much pressure from buffing tools may leave the surface of the glass more scratched and scuffed than before.Extra care will also have to be taken if the watch face in particular has a magnification cyclops bubble above the date display.


Glass replacement and repair prices will vary depending on the make, model and severity of the damage. Because we carry our all repairs ourselves there are no hidden costs that would normally be associated with a jeweller who would have to send the work to an external contractor.

Click “Get An Estimate” or call us on the number above to discuss your particular make and model, this will allow us to give you an accurate idea of how much the work will cost.