Watch Restoration

If your watch’s glass is not too badly damaged we may be able to offer you a quick fix repair where we are able to get rid of the scratches without having to completely replace the face.

Polishing the watch glass often removes scratches that are not too deep can. We use specialised diamond paste, a combination of chemicals and high quality buffing tools to remove a minute amount of the glass and along with it the scuff.

Although this process is not as labour intensive as manufacturing and replacing the glass, it still takes skill and experience to carry our the repair properly. If not done properly the face of the watch can be left uneven, too much pressure from buffing tools may leave the surface of the glass more scratched and scuffed than before.

Extra care will also have to be taken if the watch face in particular has a magnification cyclops bubble above the date display.

Please contact our watchmakers regarding your watch restoration, by phone or use our contact form.

watch restoration