Watch Strap Replacement

Watch Repair Shop offers watch strap replacement. A watch will only look as good as the strap holding it to your wrist. Designer and prestigious brands can start to look awful when their straps start to wear and show signs of age.

It is unfortunate that a watch’s strap is often the most perishable part, with only a limited life before needing replacing.


Here at the watch repair shop, we stock a variety of watch strap replacements ranging from genuine manufacturer parts to custom and aftermarket designs.

The material you choose for your replacement strap is important and can have a huge effect on the way your watch looks and operates. We see people all the time who’ve coupled a very expensive watch with a cheap and tacky strap, the result, the entire watch looks cheap and tacky, even if it’s a prestige brand like Rolex or Omega.

Similarly, a cheap watch with a well-chosen, classy strap can elevate the look of the timepiece, giving the impression that it’s worth far more than it actually is.

watch strap replacement


Leather – By far the most popular material for a replacement watch strap is leather. Leather is a wonderful material, it can be hard or soft, durable and very easy to work with. While leather replacement watch straps are very popular in the UK, they are not always the best choice for every watch.

We’ve had people wanting leather straps fitted to their diving and other waterproof watches. While a Rolex Submariner may look great with a leather strap, unfortunately, seawater will corrode leather over time.

For anyone who spends time in the water with their watch, a leather strap will not be optimal. Stainless Steel, silicone or textile is better suited for this purpose.

Stainless Steel – This is a classic watch strap material, multiple stainless steel links are combined to create a flexible robust straps. While we can completely replace a stainless steel watch strap, many customers only require replacement links and pins in order to restore their strap to its former glory. We can accurately match the colour and size of your links and even repair or replace the clasp.

The only drawback of stainless steel is that it can be cold and some people complain that the gaps between links pull at the hairs on their arms.

Silicone and Fabric – These are relatively new materials in the area of watch straps. They are soft, strong and able to tolerate water and extreme changes in temperature without cracking. These materials are ideally suited to somebody who leads an active lifestyle. Silicone and fabric tend to be used more on sports and fashion watch brands like Casio and Swatch.

We stock in our London, UK workshop watch straps suitable for all major brands, if your watch is unique or bespoke we can modify an existing strap or design and manufacture a completely new one specifically for your watch.

Call Now regarding your watch strap replacement or bring in your watch for us to assess, your strap can usually be repaired or changed while you wait.