Watch Upgrades

Many people come into our shop asking if they can buy a watch exactly like the one they have seen a famous film star, rapper or footballer wearing. Quite often we have to tell them that the watch that their idle is wearing is a piece of customised bespoke jewellery that simply cannot be bought “off the shelf”.

Luckily we are able to upgrade any standard watch from any manufacturer and turn it into the timepiece of your dreams.

Watch Upgrades can be anything from replacing an inferior part, such as a plastic glass with one made of crystal, we can upgrade the face, hands, movement, set some diamonds or other jewels into the surrounding bezel, or do something as simple as changing the strap.

A tired old strap can really bring the overall look and feel of a timepiece down. Replacing the strap with something new can bring a new lease of life into an old timepiece.

A watch glass upgrade can make all the difference to away a watch looks and feels. Inferior plastics offer little in the way of scratch resistance. Glasses made of high-quality materials like sapphire crystal are practically impervious to chips and scratches. We stock a variety of replacement parts and even have the ability to create a custom glass right here on the premises.

Setting diamonds and other jewels into the bezel of a watch can give even the most ordinary-looking timepiece the wow factor. We can suggest the type of stones and design for you or you can let your imagination run wild!  Whatever you decide, we can definitely add some bling to your watch!

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Watch Upgrades