Which Are The Best Watch Brands To Invest In?

While watchmaking is considered a beautiful branch of jewellery, it must be recognized that over time it has become a very unique source of investment. The brands have been growing little by little over the years until certain wristwatches have an investment strength as great as gold.

And believe it or not, it’s not just about the materials from which they are constructed: These watches carry behind them years of experience, techniques that have been advanced over centuries, and a reputation associated with luxury that no other garment can provide.

Hundreds of investors and collectors seek unique pieces to safeguard their capital or complete their collections, making them ideal for those who want to have garments that revalue over time.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most popular brands on the market to invest in, so that you can put your money into a truly unique collectable item.

Omega: Practicality And Fame

Fame precedes this Swiss company that has been in the market for more than 160 years. Its products have a unique simplicity, combined with techniques that have sought the forefront as it advances innovations.

In turn, their models are quite famous and can be found in several movies, highlighting mainly Goldeneye and even Casino Royale. Owning a “Seamaster Professional 300” and having fun playing titles on sites like NetBet online casino will be enough to make you feel like the famous agent 007 James Bond.

Rolex: Luxury And Power

The company is undisputedly the leader in demand and its watches are instantly related to luxury and quality, being each piece extremely valued.

The prices of its models have kept rising over time, being revalued for their rarity and quality. This added to the high-end customers who wear watches from this company have made the demand increase for models such as GMT-Master II, Submariner, and Daytona.

Even their less sold watches (the Milgauss and the Explorer I and II) are highly demanded, so in terms of liquidity when it comes to investment this brand is the one you choose.

Patek Philippe: Tradition And Elegance

Wearing a watch of this brand is to head immediately to the big leagues. This Geneva manufacturer has over 200 years and its elegance has come to place it within the “Big 4” in the art of watchmaking, where even Rolex has not been able to enter (it holds the number 5 position in most valued watches).

To speak of Patek Phillipe is to speak of exclusivity and elegance through tradition. Their watches have a great amount of technical elaboration, impressive designs, and a unique finish for each piece.

In addition to this, their models withdrawn from the market are true collector’s items, making watches like the Nautilus 5711/1A that can reach incredible prices.

Are There Other Watch Brands Of Equal Renown?

Although it is difficult to find unique watches from the companies above, we should not be discouraged from investing in them. Cartier, Tudor, and Richard Mille are also part of the elite when it comes to investing.

The truth is that investing in a watch will not only allow us to protect our capital and obtain profits: but it also gives us a piece of luxury to carry with us.